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Why Crown Capsules ?

For a long time, we have been studying the problem of the quality of cork in wines and the ecological concern linked to the overexploitation of cork oak.

Today we present our wines in a recyclable stainless steel crown cap ** to preserve the very nature of the wine. Indeed, it is recognized that cork (especially because of the washing and treatment of the cork) alters the purity of the aromas without this being easily detectable (in tasting it would be necessary to compare 2 samples of the same vintage).

These capsules have been used for a very long time for great champagne wines during aging on a latte up to 15 years of storage.

Also studies on Bordeaux corking, more than 30 years ago showed that the maturation of bottled wines was not done through gas exchange thanks to the cork stopper, but thanks to the oxygen contained in the wine and introduced during bottling.

You will have understood that in our choice there too, nothing reactionary but the wish to offer those who choose our wines as much naturalness as possible in the bottle.

* * the metal and stainless steel capsules are recyclable in the metal skips of the recycling centers.

We chose neither the synthetic cork nor the screw cap which is primarily intended for wines with short aging potential.

Béatrice and Michel AUGE Domaine Des Maisons Brûlées

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