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The Winemaker’s Commitment To An AVN Wine

Ethics and fundamentals

Winegrowers who are unwilling or unable to make this commitment are not required to become members of the AVN.

The goal of AVN is to arrive at an ideal: to develop natural wines, that is to say without any additive (input) added.

The winegrowers who adhere to the AVN undertake to apply this will.

AVN member winemakers say what they do and do what they say about the entire wine making process, from growing to bottling to winemaking.


The cultivation practice necessarily respects the approach of the organic or biodynamic farmer.

The harvest is manual.

Only indigenous yeasts direct the vinification.

There is no voluntary modification of the original constitution of the grape and therefore no recourse to brutal and traumatic physical techniques (reverse osmosis, tangential filtration, flash pasteurization, thermovinification, etc.).

No input is added, sulfur being the exception. An AVN wine will therefore contain little or no added sulphites, at a rate of (dose of total sulfur after bottling):

– for red and sparkling wines: 0 (or natural traces) to 30 mg / l maximum (150 mg / l authorized in the EU),

– for whites: 0 (or natural traces) to 40 mg / l maximum (200 to 400 mg / l authorized in the EU),

and this, regardless of the residual sugar content.

Wine labeling

For the sake of transparency, it is strongly recommended to affix the “Vin AVN” logo to all vintages meeting the criteria of this commitment.

For vintages where the AVN winemaker has never added sulfur, he will indicate: “AVN wine with zero added sulphites”.

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