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The More Real The Wine, The More It Has A Transformative Power Over People Philippe Pacalet

creme brulee

(…) I taste the terrine. Okay, it’s a terrine. Bresse chicken. Ok, nothing to say. An honest poultry, the white a little cooked, but barely. The bourgueil decanter can be drunk. I take the dessert which is on the menu without excessive optimism, mechanically. And it’s love at first sight, the miracle.

A divine crème brûlée.

Fullness, dazzling. Pure emotion. A firework display of sensations that panic the taste buds and lead them into a maelstrom of pleasure.

It starts smoothly on the tongue, soft, warm, almost tired, vaguely sweet, confusedly scented, very young girl, and then it slides, it slides towards the back of the palate, gaining consistency and smoothness, saliva squirts in small jets as if washing a windshield … the orange blossom blooms and vibrates in the light current of air caused by the suction. It becomes supple like phlegm while the crunch of the caramel still remains in the teeth, we have the impression of having chewed on small pebbles, or crushed glass with a spoonful of sand, but at the very moment when the we can feel a dull concern, everything calms down and melts in small sticky streams which descend into the throat, lubricate the esophagus, the clouds of creme brulee fall in slow motion … plof … plof … plof … and land softly in the stomach ,

When we have finished, we imagine that we have not even started. We open the lids that we had automatically closed, we look around, amazed to find the rustic floral curtains and the pimply face of the waitress and we say to ourselves: “No, a crème brûlée like this does not exist. not. I dreamed. ”

So you ask:
– And this crème brûlée, is it for today or tomorrow?
And the young girl winks at you, accomplice, and answers quietly:
– I’ll get another portion, offered by the house, sir. (…)
Roland topor
Noella Morantin on France Inter
Noëlla Morantin, a member of the association but also a member of the association ” Les Vins du coin ” of our friends from the Loire region, is interviewed by Philippe Bertrand “Carnets de campagne” on organic wines and the organic wine industry.
Noëlla Morantin is a winemaker from an organic farm of 12 hectares (white, red and sparkling wines) in the Loir et Cher.
Listen to the show, it’s here

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